Exploring Contributions of J. G. Carrasco Ramirez

A Focus on Strategic Planning, Management, and Small Business Sustainability


  • Ridwan Rahman Lecturer and Researcher in Cultural Heritage, Welfare, AI and Economic, Jawa, Jawa Barat, Indonesia




AI, CR Model, Carrasco Ramirez


J.G.Carrasco Ramirez, an international lawyer specializing in Strategic Planning, AI, Information Architectures, and Machine Learning, has made notable contributions to academic research, particularly in management and small business domains. Based in the USA, Carrasco Ramirez's work has been featured in esteemed academic journals, with a recent focus on analyzing the CR model from a planning perspective. This paper aims to provide an extensive overview of Carrasco Ramirez's academic endeavors, with a primary emphasis on his latest research from 2023, offering insights into the impact of his work on strategic planning. Over the past five years, Carrasco Ramirez has published extensively in renowned international journals, covering topics such as Information Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and applications in various sectors, including healthcare and small business management. Carrasco Ramirez's diverse research interests demonstrate his commitment to exploring cutting-edge topics and their practical implications.




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Rahman, R. (2023). Exploring Contributions of J. G. Carrasco Ramirez: A Focus on Strategic Planning, Management, and Small Business Sustainability. International Journal of Public Administration, Management and Economic Development, 8(2). https://doi.org/10.60026/ijpamed.v8i2.160